Friday Five

1. First off, got this Litpick review:

Here's part of the review:
This novel is fast-paced and easy to read, which I enjoyed. I never found myself bored while reading. I also enjoyed the tidbits of Greek mythology information the author gave, and you can tell she had done plenty of research on the topic.
This novel is a sequel to No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia. However, you do not necessarily have to read the first novel to understand this one. It would give you a better idea of the characters, their relationships, and their backstory. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to anyone looking for an action-packed story.

2. Been working on strengthening my revision. I swear though it seems like this revision is never ending!

The feedback I've been receiving has been great. I've also learned it's 'okay' not to use every piece of advice especially if you feel it will take away from your voice.

3. Been reading too.

Omg, this book is simply DELICIOUS. Historical YA romance of Monty and Percy while on tour through Europe during 1700s. The voice is hilarious. Totally engaging. Love!

Generational Romeo & Juliet tale with a paranormal twist.

**Found this one at local Costco. Totally a find! Loved the surrealism throughout, that kind of has a ghostly/otherworld feel going for it.

5. Hope to see this today:

**Also Netflixed this movie and TOTALLY LOVED:

I was teary-eyed throughout this story. It's about a dog that is reincarnated and each time he longs to be with his original owner. There's some sad scenes but the ending is totally satisfying. Loved so much.

**Guilty pleasure:

Going solo to the movie theater to watch an early showing and then grabbing a Dunkin' Donuts frozen iced drink!
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***Also plan to work on my scene for next week's critique group.


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