Friday Five

1. First, check out my guest blog post on SJYALit:

I share how as young women we're conditioned to think that the way we dress excuses the bad behavior of males who sexually harass or rape women.


This topic has been on my mind for a while, especially with the O'Reilly news.

I think it's important women speak out. But for the longest time intimidation has silenced us. I'm proud of those women who do speak out.

2. Still working on this endless revision. I did get an email from an agent telling me that even though this project wasn't for her, if I'm still not repped, she'd be interested in other projects of mine.

3. Just finished reading the latest from YA author Marlene Perez:

I'm a huge fan of Perez's writing and this one doesn't disappoint! Check April 25th on YABC site for an interview and giveaway!

My YABC review:

Teaser: The biggest character has to be the setting of Sombria. The world is shown in extreme contrasts. There's those who have favor in the regime, which includes Valencia's father, stepmother, and sister. Then there's those who live outside of the tower. These include the dreaded hybrids who were created during a plague by combining animal and human matter to save lives. What ends up happening though is them being shunned by those who didn't succumb to the plague. Perez starts the story right off by shown the brutality of the regime against the hybrids. 

Gripping tale set in a fantasy world where a girl sets out to find the truth about herself no matter the cost.

4. Also finished reading the sequel to FLAWED:

I really loved FLAWED, but this one kind of dragged for me. Still engaging but not as much as the first book.

5. Really excited to read the latest from Samantha Verant. Loved her first book on her romance with a French man. This one looks just as good!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Probably going to grab a Dunkin' Donut's iced drink. Love their mocha and vanilla ones!


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