Friday Five

1. Did I mention how much I loved attending Debra Dixon's GMC workshop?

Here's a little glimpse on what she went over:

To sum up what GMC is, use this to describe a character in your novel:

My character wants(goal) because(motivation) but wants____ because__________(conflict).

Also she went over dominant impression. Can you describe your character with 1) adjectives 2) descriptive noun.

Example from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Giles is a be leagued intellectual when he first meets Buffy. Then after he works with her, he becomes a intellectual warrior.

2. Tomorrow I plan on going to the monthly OCCRWA meeting. Love these meetings. For this year we're working on Smart Goals.

This is a description of Smart Goals:

Specific: Specific: Define your goals in writing and spell them out as clearly as possible. What is it that you specifically want to achieve?

Measurable: Measurable: Give yourself a step-by-step plan so you can break up the goals and be able to measure your progress as you go—always with holding yourself accountable in mind.

Attainable: Goals need to be concrete and achievable. Be prudent and write goals that are within reach and that align with what’s possible for you, personalized to your life and unique set of circumstances.

Relevant: Relevant: Goals need to satisfy what you need. Write goals that propel you toward your dreams.

Time Bound: Time Bound: Give yourself a firm timeframe to achieve your goals. Keep checking to make sure you are on track.

3. Of course I've been reading more books!

My YA Books Central link:

Teaser: Fans of Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles will love this diverse tale filled with love, friendship, mystery, and the dangers one girl will go through in order to protect the ones she loves. 


This one is about two friends who take an European trip through six countries after being apart for one school year. The descriptions of the European countries almost felt like a travel log. The interaction between these two friends though felt real and very authentic. **I purchased this book from the April Scholastic Tab book order for $10! What a steal!


This one I'm having mixed feelings on. I felt some parts were more telling and I would have loved to see them.  There's a lot of history shown throughout but I had a hard time connecting with Cammi. I kind of 'get' the whole why she'd not tell her new friends she wasn't the daughter of a stereotypical Mexican maid and on a scholarship but I cringed whenever she heard racist comments(and there's a lot of them) and said nothing. I'm an eighth Mexican American and the great-great granddaughter of Mexican migrant workers, so I'm very proud of my heritage. But that's just my take.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Going to BJ's for dinner. That's always a treat! Have you had one of their pizookies? Totally to die for!

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