Friday Five-Or Thursday version!

1. Today I'm posting my usual Friday Five post as I'm leaving to visit my mother and family in Sacramento tomorrow.  It's my stepdad Elwood's birthday and there will be a big crowd. I haven't seen my mother for a little over 2 years. No excuse.

This was at my last visit. L to r: Elwood; Mom, sis Kathleen; Me; nephews Bassam and Khalid.

I think she'll be happy though as I have a copy of my new book to give her!

**Aren't they pretty?

2. When I get back, I plan on getting some treats for my Wednesday critique group to celebrate it's release!

Starting to put together some giveaways! Check back to find out which sites will be hosting me!

3. Finally finishing THE PASSION OF DOLSSA. **YA author Julie Berry has to be one of my newest favorite authors.

This is about a girl who has visions and hears voices from her 'beloved'. The church is threatened by her and tries to silence her. Love the gorgeous writing. A must read for any historical fiction fan!


Another favorite author of mine has to be Samantha Verant. Her memoirs take place in France. This one is her life as an expat living in France. There's humor, French recipes, and also a theme of facing your fears. One part of her memoir I could totally relate with had to be her struggle to have a child. I went through a similar time in my life with a number of miscarriages. I wanted to reach across the ocean separating us and give her a huge hug. Mostly though it's a story of finding joy in your life.


Went to a Frida Kahlo exhibit on Tuesday. This was at the Bower's Museum in Santa Ana, Ca. At first I was kind of disappointed as there wasn't any of her famous paintings. No, these were photographs of her life. I found some other facts about her life that I didn't know, like her father Guillermo was from Germany and was a photographer for Mexico. When Frida had polio, it was her father that encouraged her to do 'not girly things' like wrestle, box, and be true to herself. He also was the one to get paints for her to start painting after her horrific accident. I loved the glimpses into her life and many loves. Frida did much for Latinas and her passion rings true even for today.

**One must read book has to be: The Diary of Frida Kahlo:

The love letters to Diego are bittersweet and raw with emotion. I've been reading them in Spanish and only found out that the translations are in the back. The Spanish though is so beautiful and sucker punches the reader with the emotional rawness.

**Guilty Pleasure:

I'll be flying to see my family today. Teen son loves to fly. So, just getting away for a couple days, will be a treat!


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