Friday Five

1. Teen's at scout camp this week which means it's so much quieter!  Also, since husband took week off too, been really hard getting anything done.  Still working on copy edits.  Hope to have done before school starts back up on August 29th.

2. Went to House of Pancakes and had their famous apple pancake:

It's HUGE and so good!

3. Finally went to Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, Ca.

This is where actors reenact famous paintings.  It's pretty spectacular!

My favorite paintings had to be the ones with the Frida Kahl and Diego Rivera theme:


Really enjoying so far!

5.  Finished reading:

My YA Books Central review:

What worked had to be the whole concept of a teen searching for her past even when her family tried to stop it.  One thing I did have issues with though had to be how misleading the blurb was.  There really isn't any horror element in this book like I thought.  Still, the idea of finding the truth behind secrets in your family past was intriguing.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Today plan to finish my guilty pleasure read of HOW TO HANG A WITCH and maybe grab a Starbucks drink.  Last day before teen comes home.  Going to enjoy!


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