Friday Five

1. Been hanging out at local coffee houses and libraries in order to get any writing done.  It's really tough to write when husband works from home and teen is home during summer break.  Need to be more creative in finding places to write.  I took over the guest room but in the summer?  It gets really hot.  At least I have a door to close behind me.

Am I the only one that needs to have a quiet place to write?  Or one that I'm not interrupted every 15-20 minutes?  (Yes, I timed it.)

My all time favorite writing place has to be Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  Wes, one of the baristas at the El Toro, Ca coffee house is fab.  He comes up with these really great iced tea combos.

2. Almost at the finish line with this revision!

Though I agree with Demi Lovato that there really isn't a finish line in this biz.  You just got to keep working at it!

3. Antsy to get back to my other more edgier YA that deals with gun violence.  Plan to do that in another week or so.

4. Been reading more too!

MEMORY GIRL by Linda Joy Singleton:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: The Giver meets Divergent where memories of the long dead are given to others in order to never truly die. This novel also addresses some deep questions like the purpose of faith and where it belongs in a society based on science. The ending hints at a sequel. I hope so as I can't wait to see what else is in store for Jennza and her community.


YA Books Review:

Teaser: Powerful and at times heartbreaking tale of the consequences of one act that ripple into others told through alternating chapters. This contemporary romance is more much that a love story but one that shows the unending power of friendship and trust. A perfect summer read!

5. Almost done reading this:

Kyle moves to a new town and takes a new name after his serial killer father dies.  Only there's one problem-the daughter of one of his father's murders is attending the new private academy he's enrolled in.  Then weird things start happening.  Did I mention his new school was once a psych ward?

YA Books Central review coming soon!

**Guilty pleasure:

Well, this is going to be a three day holiday with Monday being July the 4th.  Don't have any plans right now but that can change.  **Learning that the church leaders with our youth are more impulsive than I am.

Plan to try to get some more writing, a yoga session, and reading in.


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