Friday Five

1. Been going over copy edits on the sequel to NO MORE GODDESSES.  This is the second round of edits on this novel.  The copy editor found more than a few inconsistencies that I didn't catch the first time around.

This is a HUGE reason why it's so important to have others go over your novel before it's released.

But that doesn't mean I don't feel like this over while going over some of the feedback:

Originally posted by Virtualstars

Who ever said writing was easy, never actually finished a novel.  There's a lot that goes on from actually writing that first sh*tty draft to doing numerous revisions before it's ready to print!

2. Excited to get my July box of books from YA Books Central:

3. Right now reading a YA set in war torn Paris during WWII and the American teen who is is a spy.

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Intriguing glimpse into a female agent in Nazi occupied Paris.  Fans of A CODE NAME VERITY are sure to enjoy this recent addition of a female heroine of WWII.

4. Also been working on the query letter and synopsis of CANDLE IN THE WIND.  Right now a fellow YA author is going over the first three chapters.  Hope to query this baby out this Fall!

5. Love Prisma!

Check out these selfies of my parrots:

Sunni selfie
Damon selfie
**Guilty pleasure:  Have to help finish getting things for son's scout camp which starts this Saturday.  He'll be going with his troops to Camp Chawanakee up at Shaver Lake, Ca:

Will grab a new Starbucks drink!  This one is a coconut milk mocha macchiato.

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Newsroom


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