Friday Five

1. This week has been not as crazy though you can tell the school year is winding down.  Why?  Well, I had to bang on son's door not once but twice this week as he wouldn't get up.  This meant he almost missed his classes and I wasn't in the best mood.

Plus, I'm over the whole homeschooling thing:

Kuddos to those who can homeschool high schoolers.  I can't.  I used to think this made me a failure considering I am a credentialed teacher(K-8) but teaching your own kid is so much harder than other kids.

This will be me the last day of school:

2. Have jury duty the end of June.  Hoping it won't be a conflict with RWA16 as I paid for the conference and really need to get away for a few days.  Need to call and see if I can push it off till the end of July.


Got this the other day from Penguin Teen.  So far it's really good!  

4. This book is amazing.  My heart goes out to transgender teens/preteens and the ignorance/prejudice/hate they have to deal with on a daily basis.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: The other huge plus of this book has to be Lily. It's basically her journey. I feel this story is important to tell especially with all the stereotypes and misinformation that continue to be out there. Information is power. 

Heart-wrenching, inspiring tale of two friends who overcome social prejudices with a dash of hope. Highly recommended. Also a great book club selection!

5. Got switched on educational project.  So need to review some materials before starting.  Trying not to get too stressed over it.

**Guilty pleasure:
Hope to grab a yoga session plus, later getting much needed hair cut/color job.


Little Willow said…
Happy Friday! :)
Kim Baccellia said…
You too!!!!

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