Friday Five

1. Well, went to doctor on Monday.

First good news: The nodules on my remaining thyroid haven't grown.

Now the not too good news:

My cholesterol is 290.  The 'good' cholesterol is 43.  And my triglycerides are over 200 too.

Le sigh.

Doctor recommends Crestor to help but one side effect is elevating blood sugar.  Mom is a diabetic. Most family members on my Mexican side are diabetic.

This is hard.  She also highly recommended going on an Atkins' like diet which is low carb.  So going back to that.

Getting older does suck but the good news is I don't have to have surgery.  So I'll celebrate that.

2. Scoring right now.  This project goes until the end of June.  This money will help pay for RWA16 in July.

3. So because of the scoring gig, I've been behind on my writing.  The good news is the ending is in sight.

Last week didn't get any writing in as it was California state testing and son's student center was closed.  This week though?  Back at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and tackling this ending.

4. Did squeeze in a couple books to read and review:

My YA Books Central review :

Teaser: Fast-paced paranormal where creatures of nightmares come to life. Horror mixed with magic after a teen opens a portal to another world hungry for humans.

5. Also read this: 

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: This is one nail biting suspenseful tale with a dash of Hitchcock-like psychological terror. 

** Right now reading this one:
 Really enjoying this YA set in Tuscany, Italy.  My younger sister found that the Baccelli's (the Italian name) are from a small village in Tuscany.  Lucca.

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to celebrate Mother's Day at local Ruby's and have a cherry/vanilla Coke.  **Yes, doctor told me to watch the carbs and sugars but I can surge on this day, right?


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