1. Almost at the end of this revision!

Tightening up some loose plot points.  Hoping to get this baby ready to query out next month! Have a list of 'dream' agents.  I feel I'm ready to move on from my previous not too great experiences.  Plus, since son is going back to public school this August?  I hope this opens up more time to not only peruse the more traditional publishing route but to finish up my more edgy YA and to dabble in a romantic novel.

2. Going to see my gynecologist today.  Send positive vibes my way!  Going to ask about using a more natural estrogen.  Plus, still worried about blood results and the whole more at risk for a heart attack/stoke.

But good news?  Cigna FINALLY approved me going to see a dermatologist.

I had a very strong impression not to get a chemical peel and see a specialist over a questionable spot on my nose.  Hopefully it's nada but I'm just happy that I can see a specialist and get another opinion.

3. Went and visited with elderly mother-in-law who announced she's thinking of moving back to Utah!

It's been really hard, stressful, and draining these past five years with her down here.  It'll be good for her to go back to Utah and be around her nurse daughter that can help her more than we can.

4. Having a hard time squeezing in some personal reading this week due to my commitment to scoring tests.  But you all know me.  I HAVE to read!

Le sigh.  I really, really wanted to love this.  It's set in Italy but the voice just didn't do it for me.  The whole mother-dies-and-leaves-a-journal-of-her-past is almost way overdone.  This one I even read over 100 pages, hoping I'd connect but sadly I didn't.  This is just my humble opinion though.

5. A sci-fi YA that is totally HOOKING me is BEYOND THE RED:

This one grabbed me right on the first page and didn't let go!  There's court intrigue, suspense, and a whole Dune like atmosphere.  LOVING SO FAR!

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to read some more and go to a yoga class.  Yoga helps not only with the whole stress thing(having a demanding MIL and an almost 15 year old can up anyone's stress level), but with flexibility, and with combating osteoporosis.


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