Friday Five

1.  School started on Tuesday.  Son is now a ninth grader!

This is his last year being homeschooled as he wants to go to regular high school and try out for the football team.  Right now we need to concentrate on some things and then that means I can be a full-time writer again next year!


2. The whole Trump thing has really been getting to me big time.  I'm very proud of my Mexican heritage.  My bisabuela's family were migrant workers from outside of Sonora, Mexico.  No, they weren't citizens.  And no, Mr. Trump, they weren't murderers or worse.

Someone told me I shouldn't let it get to me or worse, not say anything, but I vowed to myself after a terrible experience I had back in college, that I would never not stand up whenever racism was happening.

And I do open my mouth and voice my concerns.

Actress America Ferrera nailed it:

3. Finished reading the sequel to KILLER OF ENEMIES from Tu Books.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Gripping story that has readers re-enter the harsh post-apocalyptic world with a tough Native American heroine who's struggles to overcome her own pains, while guiding others to a place of refuge, make her a character all are sure to rally behind.

4. Right now reading Libba Bray's latest: LAIR OF DREAMS.  Love!

Libba is one author I actually did go all fangirly over when she signed a book for me at ALA12:

Libba is such a good sport.  She's all like mellow when I basically told her, "Omg, I love you!"

Her photo:

Really loving the sequel to DIVINERS.  I'm not usually a fan of multiple points of view but Libba nails it.  Loving this paranormal horror set in the roaring 20s!

5. At halfway mark of revision.  This is hopefully the last round before I sent over to critique buddy.  Then I plan to research agents and also outline my Nano project which is going to be a historical romance set in the 20s.

**Guilty pleasure:

After I do the monthly Costco run, play to just sit down and finish reading LAIR OF DREAMS.  Maybe I'll grab a nom-worthy Starbucks summer drink before the Fall ones come out next week!

Yes, I heard that the Pumpkin latte will be out!  Totally grabbing one!  Love the individual packs too.

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