Friday Five

1. This is the last week before school starts up again!  Waiting for other charter school high school teachers to post their syllabuses up on Canvas so I can put together son's Fall semester planner.  Hoping they don't wait until the day before school.

2. Speaking of school, I know that TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD was on his 9th grade reading list so I had him read it this summer(which means he waited till this week to start it).  Well, I just got ELA teacher's pacing guide which lists MICE AND MEN as the first book to read.

Ugh.  **It would have been nice to get that this summer!  Oh, well!

My reads this week are filled with diverse protagonists!  LOVE!

3. Right now reading TRAIL OF THE DEAD.
 Think Native America protagonist meets MAD MAX.  Loved the first book in this series--KILLER OF ENEMIES.  The voice is authentic and the author NAILS weaving in Native American legends/folktales without it being story dump!

4. Almost done with  MOVING TARGET.  This is an fast-paced action packed ride through Rome where a Latina protagonist tries to find her missing father and a mysterious organization that is out to stop her from her destiny.

5. HOLLYWOOD WITCH is a fun paranormal with a kick-ass Latina teen who also happens to be the only girl witch slayer in town.  Iris reminds me of a harder core Buffy out to rid Hollywood area from witches that are more evil then good.  Add a cute guy into the mix and you have one must-read tale!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Hope to run to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for an hour or so and work more on finishing this revision!  Goal is to be DONE by the end of this month!

**Yes, that's the protagonist in my thriller romance!


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