Friday Five

1. Started week off by getting a haircut and all over color.  Loving the deep red color with hints of purple in it.

2. Still haven't got another birdy.  It's been hard.  Once a month I do go to Omar's Exotic Birds and take photos of the cockatiels.  Plan is to order one in July.  Need a new birdy friend.

This little guy tried to sneak home with me.  Cockatiels, though a lot of work, are adorable and so smart.

3. Still scoring which at the end of the day has me feeling like doing this:

4. Right now reading CHARMED which is the sequel to HEXED.  I really enjoyed the first book and finding self swept up in the latest!

Was able to get for $1.99 on my Kindle Fire!  What a deal!

5.  Also was able to attend son's musical glee performance last Saturday.  He had a big part as Charlie Brown.  Son NAILED the monotone and character.  Kuddos to Springs Charter School's theater teacher Mary Hering for putting together an amazing production.

**Guilty pleasure:  Plan to make orange rolls this morning.  Lion House has the BEST rolls.  You can purchase them at Deseret Bookstore.  So worth the time(they do take time to rise) and money!


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