Friday Five

1. It's been one of those weeks.  Call it the end of the year antics but the whole middle school drama I thought we'd avoided since we have son at a charter school?  Well, it caught up with us big time.

Basically son said a not too nice comment to a girl.

Girl got upset but didn't tell anyone until later.

Son doesn't get why she's upset as he says the same thing to his guy friends and they do the same with him.
**Doesn't excuse it but still...

Mother calls school and is very upset.

It just makes me want to throw my hands up in the air as I think this has been blown way out of proportion.

I had son email an apology and told him not to talk to the girl in question.  Well, apparently that's being seen as not caring.  Can't win for losing.

So when is school out again?

2. Then have to get son ready for the reenactment of the Mormon pioneer trek.  Got the paperwork on what he can wear and bring.  One thing it said: NO DENIM.

Omg, what teen doesn't just wear jeans?

Time to go on a Goodwill run.

3. Then, on top of all the drama?  My part-time job has been totally nuts.

4. I know, whew on YOUR WEEK.
But here's some books that helped.

This one was a hilarious read!

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: A fun mixture of humor, psychological insight, family dymanics, and having the faith to rise above a bad experience. Guaranteed to make you laugh and want the best for Audrey.

5.  Really loved this non-fiction memoir by a teen:

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Enchanting journey of a real teen's popularity experiment that will have you laugh, smile, and cheer her on as she finds the real key to popularity. A must read!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Boy, after this week?  I totally DESERVE!

Plan on getting a much needed facial!

And finally, here's a little sunshine to help brighten the week!


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