Friday Five

1. So testing is over but guess what I got?


2. So I've been reading... a lot!  Oh, and napping a lot too.

5 To 1 by Holly Bodger

My YA Books Central review:


Powerful insight into a community where an lofty goal of righting past injustices against women is manipulated into denying freedom and choices for all. A good book club candidate that is sure to fuel discussions on Utopian societies where roles have been exchanged with painful consequences.


YA Books Central review: 

Teaser: Engaging hilarious tale of a teen who finds out that his so-called future might not be what he really wants. Only when he takes destiny into his own hands can he embrace his future. Add a fun assortment of other characters and you have a winning story!

4. MODERN MONSTERS  by Kelley York

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: An haunting glimpse into a party gone bad and the real monsters who chose someone to take the fall without caring about the consequences. But mostly this is a story of a teen who ends up finding his voice and the courage to right his name in face of almost unbeatable odds.

5. POPULAR by Maya Van Wagenen

YA Books Central review: 

Teaser: Enchanting journey of a real teen's popularity experiment that will have you laugh, smile, and cheer her on as she finds the real key to popularity. A must read!

**Yes, it's been a great week for reading!!!!

**Guilty Pleasure:
Hope this stupid cold goes away or I can at least do something besides sleeping.

Already broke down and got one of these on Tuesday-before the cold came on.

Photo courtesy of

So yummy.  Make sure to purchased the cookie straw for .95 cents more.  Totally worth it.


Little Willow said…
Feel better soon! :)
Kim Baccellia said…

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