Friday Friday

1. Went to Comic Quest on Wednesday to get the latest issue of BTVS and found this:

 So yeah, I totally HAD TO GET!!!

**Yes, I'm such a Buffy geek!

2. Here's my revision that has so much marched on it.  Yes, I'm being brutal this time around.

3. Finished reading this:

Loved the voice of this new paranormal series that has wereanimals that are out to find the murderer of a friend.  Lots of diversity in this story too!

4. Grabbed this book at Kidlitcon as I loved the first book by this author.  This book got me on the first chapter.  Win!

Blurb from Goodreads:

With New Agey parents and a Pakistani heritage, it might have been difficult for Sunny Pryce-Shah to fit in. Thankfully, she had her older, popular cousin Shiri to talk to—until now. Shiri’s shocking suicide brings heartwrenching pain and grief, and also seems to have triggered a new and disturbing ability in Sunny: hearing people’s thoughts.

It’s awful, especially when Sunny learns what her so-called friends really think of her. Feeling more comfortable with the Emo crowd, she tells them about her strange talent and uses it to help cute, troubled Cody. But when his true motives are revealed, she isn’t sure whom to trust anymore. Sunny hopes to find answers in Shiri’s journal. Was her cousin also cursed with this “gift”? Will Sunny end up like Shiri?

5. Can't wait to pick up STONE COLD TOUCH this Friday:

Love this series something fierce!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Picking up the latest Jennifer Armentrout book at my local Barnes & Noble and then grabbing this great eye liner from Benefit:

Love how this liner is easy to apply and makes my eyes look bigger.  Love this brand!


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