Friday Five

1. Been getting ready for my part of #kidlitcon next WEEK. Holy cow, next week!!!!!

2. Part of my presentation is on finding books with diversity and how to get them into the hands of bloggers. Finding some great sources out there. Do any of you know of sites that do giveaways with YAs that have diversity like latin@, African-American, GLTB, Asian, and others? Please share!!!!

3. Also excited to be a part of Ally Condie's upcoming ATLANTIA blog tour!

Check back on Tuesday for Ally's Q&A part of her tour!

Oh, I'm team Above! Read the first couple chapters and really enjoying this twist on a dystopian world.

4. You all know how much I heart Audrey Hepburn. Well, I finally finished BEING AUDREY HEPBURN:

This humorous tale is filled with a protagonist who, after wearing the very dress Audrey Hepburn worn in Breakfast at Tiffanys, is caught up in her own version of Charades by taking on the Holly Golightly persona while mingling with celebs and the rich. Lots of fun insights into Audrey Hepburn's life including a few facts I didn't know! Fun voice and characters though I felt the ending was a tad bit rushed. Still, a fun read to include in must read NA contemporary novels.

5. Just purchased from Audible books BELZAR:

Loved the sample chapters I got from Netgalley last May. I'm also finding I'm really getting into audio books again. I used to listen to them when I commuted into LA back in the 1990s. Only then it was a huge box filled with cassette tapes. The newer ones you download on your iPhone. LOVE.

**Also sightly freaking out over latest news on ebola case in Texas. Just listened to this one doctor who suggested bringing anti-bacterial wipes when flying(which I will be doing next Thursday afternoon) and cleaning down the spot where you sit. Then Liz, my one editor told me not to freak as it's only transmitted by close contact. Ugh. Then there's that other virus going around that affects kids with asthma(which son has). I feel I've stepped into one of those dystopian novels I've been reading.

Ok, deep breathe.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Going to finally get hair cut and color so I'll look fab at Kidlitcon next week.

Also slightly addicted to Starbucks Mojito drinks. What's that you ask?

Photo courtesy of

For a venti drink?
Cool lime refresher

2 pumps Classic

1.5 pump peppermint

Frizzy water

Mix with ice water.



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