Friday Five

First off: Feliz Dia de las Brujas!  Happy Halloween!

1. Just in time for the Halloween spirit: Morganville: The Series is up online!  Loved the books and really enjoying this web adaption.  Plus, Amber Benson, (you know Tara on Buffy the Vampire slayer) is fab playing the badass Founder of the town.  So far there are 5 episodes up.  Check them out!

**Here's a little teaser on the series:
2. Really enjoying PERFECTED by Kate Jarvoik Birch:
Think of a future where the very elite can purchase human 'pets' for their pleasure.  Loving the voice and twist on HANDMAIDEN'S TALE where girls are 'breed' to be accessories for wealthy clients. 3. Really excited to read COMPULSION:
I've been wanting to read this since I read the 'teaser' a while back.  A curse and three plantations.  Check out the trailer. 4. Love Dia de los Muertos-Day of the Dead.  It's the day after Halloween.  In Mexican culture it's a day of celebrating our loved ones that have left us. Here's my nephew Bassam's decorated skull he made for the holiday:
Here's a link on the holiday: I have a scene in my book EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA that shows how a loved one is remembered during this time.  Lupe finds an altar in memory of her mother Concha that holds items that were dear to her mother, including a Kindergarten drawing that Lupe had drawn. **Also love this video on the holiday:
5.Poor Jenny, our cockatiel, was at the vet's again.  Sigh.  She ruptured one of her air sacks.  Did you know that birds have 6 of them?  She had this huge lump on her bottom that sounded hollow.  We had it drained...again.  Plus, she'd on meds, both medical and homeopathic, to help.  So if you can, please send positive vibes to Jenny.
And how can I not mention my own YA paranormal CROSSED OUT that is PERFECT for this holiday!
**Guilty pleasure: Well, today is Halloween, so that means getting son ready for trick or treating.  He's going to go as a zombie.  He's going with a group of his friends.  **Not cool to go with Mom anymore. I want to decorate my face as someone from Dia de los Muertos:

Or at least half my face.  We'll see.


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