Friday Five

1. So drama of last week continues!

The rental place that we got our car from?  Well, they just stopped being open on Saturdays but I didn't know this so I dropped car off early on Monday.  Hoping that I don't have to pay for 2 days of a rental car just because of this.

**Update.  Farmers insurance called and said they paid for the days!  Whew!

2. And we were affected with the recent Home Depot breach of security as we used our credit card/debit card there for home improvements.

Pain as I had to cancel my credit cards and debit card.  Uh, hello, didn't we just do this six months ago because of another breach of security?  Yes, right.  Target.

3. Son woke up Wednesday asking for his inhaler as his chest hurt and was really tight.  I freaked because of this news report:

The head of Center of Disease Control says this virus--Entrovirus D68 is hitting kids especially those with asthma throughout the nation.  Scary.

Lucky for us?  It wasn't this but rather a bruised muscle from overdoing it with exercise lately.

There was SOME good stuff though this week like BOOKS!


I found this on my Nook for $1.99.  I've been wanting to read this I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT twist on an island for some time now.


Awesome.  I love a good horror tale and this one delivers big time!  Teens are 'invited' for a mega party only to find out that someone is seeking revenge for what happened to this loner girl before she killed herself.  There's 10 kids at the house.  After each one is killed?  A grisly red line is painted on the house, checking them off.

Great storyline, fast action, and a good who-done-it that isn't too obvious.

I purchased this one from Audible Books.  Listened to the audio story of a girl that lives two separate lives.  At midnight she 'shifts' into her other life.  I'm really enjoying these audio versions and this one was no exception though the narrator's voice was at times kind of distracting with a heavy Bostonian accent.  Otherwise very intriguing.  Reminded me of a YA Sliders.

Jen of Cupcakegirly grabbed me a signed copy of the latest Dawn Metcalf  Twixt series.
I LOVE Dawn's evocative way she captures words and weaves magic with them.
Joy and Ink's love story is amazing.

Got approved on Netgalley to read DEATH DATE which is about a teen that sees death dates above people's heads.  When a woman comes to her to ask about her terminally ill daughter and instead is told her so-called healthy child will die soon, she freaks.  Then when that son is missing she calls the police to tell them that her son was threatened by that same girl.

Really loving the voice and storyline.

**Guilty pleasure:

I so need one, don't you all think?

This weekend though is our church's biyearly event and both son and husband will be singing in the men's choir.  I think I'll grab a Starbucks drink before hand and maybe squeeze in a yoga morning session!

The salted mocha caramel drinks are to die for!  I skip the whip cream and opt for soy. This Frappuccino drink is one of my favorites!

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