Friday Five

1. Week started off crappy.  On the way to church, we were rear-ended by someone in our church while pulling into parking lot.  She hit car so hard that the right bumper is damaged along with pushing my muffler in and other damage.


Mega sigh.

At least she has insurance!  I swear in the 20+ years I've lived in Southern Ca, she is the only one who actually had it. Driving a rental car right now while my Rav4 is in the body shop.

Needless to say?  I'm driving very carefully and slow.

Good news though?  Other than my anxiety going crazy?  No one was hurt.  Shaken?  Yes, but hurt?  No.

2. So I haven't been in the frame of mind to write.  Really trying.  Got two days in.  Pushing through this block.  But admit it's hard.

Photo courtesy of withsarahwithjoy.blogspot

3.Son.  He's now a 8th grader!

I remember 8th grade.  It was the WORSE for me.  Hope son has an awesome experience.  So far?  He says he's liking his classes at the student center.  Math?  Not as much but I have him enrolled in an online pre-algebra class.

4. Right now reading Ellen Hopkin's book RUMBLE

You all know how much I love stories about struggles with faith.  This one is no exception.

Ellen isn't afraid to unravel the layers of a character to reveal truth no matter how painful. Raw, real, and honest. Love it.

5.  Totally loving this season of Teen Wolf!

Stiles and Malia?  All I can say it's about time!  Stiles needs some romance.  Seriously, I really find it unbelievable that a guy like Stiles, who's funny, smart, and cute, would have a hard time getting a girlfriend.

**Guilty pleasure:

I really want to see this:


Sabrina Craig said…
I can't believe you were rear-ended on your way to church. I'm sorry that you had to experience something so frightening. I hope everyone came out of the incident unharmed. Anyway, it seems that your son is growing up pretty quickly. He's already an eight grader. Wow! You must be one proud mommy, Kim! Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY

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