Friday Five

1. This week son's been away at scout camp in the Sierra Nevadas. It's been kind of strange and very quiet around here.

2. Husband took the week off so we've been catching up on movies. Saw:

Verdict? I thought it was pretty good. Loved this actor in The Tudors and he didn't disappoint in this latest version. The only thing that did bother me was all the flashbacks and he seemed to be brooding alot.

We did go to the luxury theater to experience the comfy chairs and dining service. The tickets cost $34 for the two of us and for lunch it ended up being $24 for sandwiches, $11 for drinks, $6.50 for popcorn, and $5 for beer battered fries. Total cost? $89 which included a tip. We loved the chairs and the experience. Didn't like the very high prices but heck it's not called luxury theater for nothing.

3. Now You See Me

This was a very fast paced show that kept us on our toes. What we liked was the who done it wasn't who we thought it would be. Got to love it when a movie isn't predicable.

4. Got this very fun poetry anthology from Chronicle books:

5. Got this:

It's about a teen who ends up in Japan and runs into a hawt Japanese guy who just happens to draw pictures that come to life. So far very good!

**Guilty pleasure:

To celebrate NO MORE GODDESSES being out at Amazon:

I thought I'd treat self and family to fancy cupcakes.

I've been wanting to try these cupcakes for a while. Casey's Cupcakes:


Catherine Stine said…
Good cover for No More Goddesses! Also, the Japanese story sounds good.
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks Catherine! And INK was pretty good!

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