Friday Five

1. Fellow YA Books Central reviewer Jen (cupcakegirly) posted her take on BEA. Fun post!

Love this photo of Mandy and Jen in NYC! **Jen took so many fab photos of her and other authors/bloggers that it makes me realize I need to do the same thing for ALA14. I admit I don't like having my photo taken as I'm always finding flaws with myself. Need to get over that!

2. Son's birthday was on Monday. He's now 12 years old!


3. Last week of school which means I've been rushing getting paperwork, tests, and other things done. Next school year son will be a seventh grader! OMG, middle school!

4. Read:

Love this series so much as I'm a huge fan of anything that deals with King Henry VIII! This one is told through the eyes of his fourth wife Catherine, 'Cat' and her friend Katherine 'Kitty'. Great voice!

5. Another read:

YA Books Central review:


Ooh, INSOMNIA was one of those books that pulled me right in. I love the premise of a teen who 'watches' others dreams. High school junior Parker Chipp hasn't slept in four years. After he makes eye contact with someone, he ends up being transported into their dreams. He knows he's 'losing' it. Then he enters the dreams of new student Mia and for once he can sleep. He can't get enough.

What's really great about this novel is the author shows how Parker's insomnia starts him questioning his sanity. I totally loved how she shows Parker's addiction to the one girl that helps him finally sleep. This turns into a crazy obsession. He can't get enough of her. Then he sees a dark shadow that might in fact be him.

Creepy, spooky tale with an unique twist. Parker's not sure if he's going insane and we're not sure either

**Guilty Pleasure:

Going to have a wash/blow dry so I don't have to worry about my hair for tomorrow's meeting with my local RWA group!

Also I'm totally loving Starbucks Green tea lattes with vanilla. I ask for soy instead of milk. Nommy.


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