Friday Five

1. Tomorrow is the funeral of a friend who was killed while biking home from work. Eric Billings was the type of person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone. He always had a huge smile and something good to say about everyone. We'll miss him.

2. My query was part of the Writeoncon held this past week. The agent assigned to my query gave some great feedback. I usually don't post things like this but since it's up at www.writeoncon I'll go ahead and repost. Here's what it said:

Garrison - 13: EL COMPUESTO
YA Science Fiction

The founding fathers of the hidden desert community, El Compuesto, thought eliminating racial differences would help them from the intolerance and hate from non-believers. Their spiritual leader, El Padre, preaches only true obedience to their way of life will lead them to spiritual enlightenment. Those ‘Outside’ the safety of the community are corrupt and evil. But even a so-called ‘perfect’ society can be lined with lies. Seventeen-year-old Esperanza ‘Espie’ has tried to be the ‘perfect’ citizen by rising above the whispers of her father’s disappearance and possible betrayal. She hopes her upcoming marriage with Jorge will silence any doubts about her own loyalty. Her twin Xochil, fights against what she sees as injustices and tries to rally Espie to her side. Then a horrific tragedy forces Espie out of the only home she’s ever known. She’s left to find Xochil and hopefully the truth behind her father’s disappearance. Now it’s up to Espie to find out if everything she’s known has been a lie and have the courage to love again.

~ His reply:
The elements are all there for a really solid mystery or thriller--creepy isolated setting, missing father, rebellious sister, etc--but how is this considered SF? Nothing in your pitch suggests that it is, so be sure to drop a few hints about that! Also, include more specifics in your pitch. Right now, you discuss EL Compuesto in very general terms, and I don't know anything about it beyond their belief in eliminating racial differences. What exactly is "their way of life" and what does life look like for the members? What is it that Xochil "sees as injustice" and how does she fight against it?

3. Got not one, not two, but four packages of books! Thanks Penguin Teen and of course the fab, Mandy, at YA Books Central.

Totally LOVED this YA historical about Anne Boleyn. Amazing read! Think My Fair Lady take on Anne Boleyn.

YABC review coming soon! A must read!

4. Read this one:

Think Gilmore Girls meets Postcards on the Edge with a sprinkling of Gossip Girl laced with humor and a fab voice. At the end, I had a huge smile and wanted to hug not only the book but all the characters. A true sign of a winning book!

YABC review coming soon!

5. Reading right now:

This one sounds intriguing. Beatrice lives in a futurist world where she's blessed with the Sight. Problem is she's seeing their enemy in her dreams and hasn't told anyone yet.

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to grab one of these!


I just finished reading Robin Benway's first book, Audrey, Wait! which had such a snappy, phenomenal voice. I'm glad to see there's a new one to read!
Kim Baccellia said…
This one is really good too! I swear I wanted to hug all the characters at the end!

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