Friday Five

1. Last week started off well enough until around 12:30ish Tuesday morning when husband came in and told me he thought we had water seeping into our foundation. Not good. What happened is our drainage pipes outside ended up clogging up with not only the recent rain but runoff from our homeowner's slope on the side of our house. The pipes aren't regulated and so inspectors don't catch half you know what kind of work. Our pipes were cracked and so we had a plumber come out and replace one section and clean out all the pipes throughout our house for, hold yourself...


They kept telling us they needed to replace yet more for more $$$. I got another estimate from someone from our church and it was $1k less than what the first plumber quoted. Still the work is going to cost us over $5K. I'll try to post some photos of the damage. Tree roots broke through part of the pipe. That's the part we replaced. The roots look like overgrown hair. Totally disgusting.

2. Still tried to get some writing in. Publisher for NO GODDESSES emailed me that she had some exciting news on a tie in for my book. Very exciting! Let's just say this will involve some nice bling to tie in with the storyline! More news coming soon!

3. Read:

The writing reminded me of a modern day Oliver Twist with orphans and wayward, trouble teens being given a chance to do something with themselves. Only in this case it's to turn them into ruthless individuals who become predators and destroy the weak links. Social Darwinism at it's worse!

The school is ruthless and the Mean Kids here make bullies from other schools look passive. Any kind of humanity is put to the test with the over all goal of making students self-serving and past feeling. Very scary.

It would have been so easy to paint Flick as a total hard, selfish protagonist. And at first he does come across this way. But the author peels back his tough exterior little by little to show how much Flick isn't like the others at Mandel Academy. His relationship with Joi shows his vulnerability and humanity. It's a fine line he walks. He can't let any 'weakness' show or else he knows he'll end up as a Ghost.

There's mystery, intrigue, suspense, and even hints of humanity.

More of my YABC review:

4. Reading:

I'm a huge sucker for forbidden love stories. Anna is part guardian angel/ part demon. She struggles with both sides and goes off to meet her demon father for answers. Kaidan is the son of the demon of lust. The chemistry between these two is sizzling. I'll totally hearting this story!

5. Also I'm a huge fan of Colliquy, which publishes ebook serials that includes YA author Heidi Kling's Gleaming. I'm really excited to read the second installment in PARISH MAIL:

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to go to mall and pick up the latest Maureen Johnson series:

And of course, another one of Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs yummy tea lattes:


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