Friday Five

1. Been scoring third grade papers all week. After a while of doing this, I feel like this:

2. Thank god for yoga. This whole parent of a teen gig isn't for the wimpy or weak of heart.

See lots of this:

And this:

If anything, it's been giving me lots of material to use in any future YA novels.

It feels strange being on the opposite end of YAs now as I'm the parent and not the teen.

3. Also this has me wanting to branch out with my writing into writing a romance that isn't YA.

**Looking for suggestions on books with 22-24 year old protagonists that have graduated college.

4. Read a couple books this week:

CROSSING THE LINE by Simone Elkeles

The link to my YABC review:

Engaging tale of two unlikely people who despite obstacles are still drawn together and where love might be the biggest hope of all. 

5.   DEVILS UNTO DUST by Emma Berquist

My YABC review link:

Nail-biting alternative history meets The Walking Dead, this novel will haunt readers after the end. 

**Also been reading HOLLYWOOD PRINCESS

 Really fascinated with the story of Meghan and Prince Harry. Problem is most of this book is really dry with basically just lists of things she's done or her family has done. I wanted more insight on how tough it was growing up with a single mother. The author does touch on her conflicts with being biracial, but I wanted more.

Either way, Meghan is gorgeous and a true access to British royalty. Her humanitarian efforts remind me of another Princess: Princess Di.

**Guilty Pleasure: Hope to go to The Hat for dinner. They have the most amazing french dip sandwiches and omg on the fries! Order a bag and I swear they'll last a day. Husband and teen love the onion rings.



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