Friday Five

1. Well, this week started off with son texting me that he was, 'freakin' sick' while at youth conference. He's been sick on and off again all this week. Took him to the doctor and was told it's a bad viral infection.


**Crossing fingers I don't get it!

2. My educational project I've been working on was put on hold until Saturday. This means I've been able to hit my revisions again! Yay!

3. Also catching up with my reading.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Intriguing look into a futuristic world where anyone's privacy can be comprised with one click. Fans of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS are sure to enjoy this not too futuristic tale that shows the consequences of wanting to have everything out there on social media.

4. Not sure to think of this one:

Pluses: I love the glimpses readers get to read both sides of the story. In this case, the girl writes letters describing their relationship at the beginning to the end. The boy tells his side of the story too. What readers see is a volatile relationship that implodes with neither character the 'hero'.

5. Waiting for my copy of ROMEO CATCHERS:

***I'm giving away a signed copy of GODDESSES CAN WAIT and also 5 ebook copies. Plus, some fun Parisian swag!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Crossing fingers, son is better so I can go to the mall and grab a new book, lip gloss, and some yummy tea!


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