Friday Five

1. This week's been crazy as son's high school had standardized testing, which means he didn't have to go to classes until almost 11am!

2. Oh, I had to add the above gif because SON IS NOW DRIVING. So far, it's been okay but a few times, I was like Ross in that gif!

3. Been scoring away for this educational firm.  This is me by the end of Friday:

4. And big news is that I'm having another giveaway of GODDESSES CAN WAIT this Saturday! I will post the link when it pops up. For this giveaway I'll be adding some swag!

**Check on Saturday!  Here's the link:

Stay tuned!

5. I was able to read one book this week.

My YABC review:

Teaser: Mystical, enchanting tale with a sharp bite, this story will enthrall readers on the mystery behind the sudden reappearance of a spell book one stormy Irish night.

**Guilty pleasure:

Well, son will be going on a weekend church youth group activity, which means we have house to ourselves! 

Hope to read more of:

Futuristic tale of a self-absorbed teen that finds out being on the top comes with consequences.  In this case, someone leaks a video of her having relations with her high school teacher. Problem is, it's not true.


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