Friday Five

1. This week was crazy with high school stuff.  Tuesday night there was a Freshman orientation and parent meeting.  The meeting was held in the theater and was PACKED.  Then on Wednesday we had Mustang round-up where teen had to go and pick up his schedule, lockers, PE clothes, take photo, get student ID card, and books.

At the end, I stepped back and looked at teen's school.  Then it hit me: Omg, I'm now one of THOSE parents in a YA novel!

2. Also finishing up the last 'quick' read of sequel.  Can't believe I still was finding mistakes.  Just UGH.

3. Books for this week include:

Realized I need to read some more graphic novels!  This one was recommended by a library association as being one of the top graphic novels of this year.  ORANGE is about a teen who receives a letter from her future self, warning her to watch out for a new boy that comes to her school.  Kind of a Japanese graphic novel/time traveling book.

4. Another one is based on my all-time favorite TV series:

I started reading the 'new' Buffy comic books but quickly lost interest by season 10.  I think it's because the ones after high school/college aren't as interesting as when she was in high school.  This is a fun new series that will introduce Buffy to a whole new generation of readers!


My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Unique twist on a demon slayer set in a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is what it seems. Add to that romance, suspense, horror, and action which make for one terrific read.

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and grab one of their amazing iced tea lattes while FINALLY FINISHING THIS SEQUEL!


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