Friday Five

1. Almost to the end of these copy edits!

Should be done by this weekend.

2. Then it's back to CANDLE to go over Katie's feedback.  Goal is to get this project polished and ready to query out by the end of next month!

3. In the meantime, there's some serious drama going on with husband's family.

This is me during it all:

Trying not to say anything but man, it's hard!

4. Still had time to get some reading in:

Reading the second book in the Nevermore series.  Really loving the gothic feel of this unlikely romance between a Goth teen with a secret and a cheerleader.

5. Fun book has to be this adult coloring book set in Paris:

Yes, I've been coloring in it!  Love the very detailed pictures of Paris.  There's also one set in London.  Hoping for one set in Rome!

**Also finished reading book three in the ALIENATED series.

This was a bittersweet experience for me as I loved the first two books in the series something fierce.  This unlikely love story between a human and alien reminded me so much of STARCROSSED the canceled TV series.  I have to admit though that this final book wasn't my favorite.  It didn't feel the same somehow.  But that's just my opinion and it's all subjective.

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to finish edits today at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  While there plan to have one of their drinks.  Love the tea lattes.


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