Friday Five

1. Starting to get back into the flow of this revision.

This project has involved LOTS of this:

Need to remember this:

I've been at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  three times this week.  Need to polish this story off, so I can start querying again!

2.  I'll say this again:  parenting a teen isn't for the weak of heart.  Seems when son hit fourteen?  The whole teen thing came out in full force.

This scene between Kira and her father totally summed up my week so far.

Mostly this has been me with son this week though:

It's been hard as I took him out of public school when he was in the third grade due to issues I had with the administration.  It was really bad.  Now though?  Son's been telling people that I'm restricting him by homeschooling.  Next year he'll be going back to public school.  I feel it'll be good for him.  So does his doctor and his Educational Specialist.

I now am really noticing how parents are portrayed in YA novels.  I try to not show the cliches/stereotypes with the missing, dead, or clueless parent.  Being a parent of a teen is hard work.

I also think karma has come to bite me in the butt BIG TIME.

3. Excited to see that Barbie has revealed that they will include three new body figures to their line--curvy, petite, and tall.

All I can say, it's about time!

4.  Finished reading SALT TO THE SEA by Ruta Sepetys.

This is an amazing historical tale of a forgotten event in 1945 told through the point of view of four teens.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

5.  HEIR AND THE SPARE by Emily Albright is a really fun read!

 YA Books Central review coming soon!

** Guilty Pleasure:

Well, this afternoon son has to help his drama teacher with the school's production of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  Son is the TA and helps the kids with their lines and gives their feedback.  

While he's doing that?  I'll be at the coffee house, hitting this revision.  I'll have a tea latte close by-


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