Friday Five

1. This week I started off sick.  Ugh, HATE having stomach flu.

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So I've been sleeping a lot-slept most of Sunday and stayed in pjs ALL DAY.

2.  So I haven't been writing much.  Been stuck and haven't moved forward.

Hate being in this place.  Know I need to move forward with one of my current projects so I can query it out to agents.  I know I need to get out of my comfort zone.  But man it's hard.  Memories of all the rejections I got from my other three books resurfaces.  I've racked up over 300 between all three books.

I've learned one HUGE thing so far in this biz: it's better to not be pubbed that to be pubbed poorly.  Another thing I've learned is to learn from my mistakes and move on.

Deep breath.

This needs to be my mantra:

3.  And of course I've been reading.  I've been reading A LOT!


My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Startling look into the lives of a survivalist family where the daughters are left behind to fend for themselves. Nicole's struggle to make sense out of what her father taught and the feelings she has when left alone are compelling at how real isolation can be. Mostly though this is a story of two teens that have to find the courage to stand up for themselves when others in their lives have failed them.

4.  THE DISTANCE FROM A TO Z by Natalie Blitt


My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Sweet tale filled with engaging characters that whisks readers off to a romance where opposites do in fact attract. A charming debut.

5.  DARK ENERGY by Robison Wells

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Fast-paced engaging Sci-Fi tale where a crashed alien ship reveals a startling secret that involves everyone on Earth.

*  DIVAH by Susannah Appelbaum

TeaserQuirky tale where a girl finds herself in a haunted ritzy hotel with secrets that involve a demon hunting Marilyn Monroe, demon Marie Antoinette, and a forbidden love. Oh, and a lot of French which involves the 'real' reason behind Bastille Day.

**Guilty pleasure:

FINALLY I'll be able to have a much needed pedi!


Little Willow said…
Feel better soon!
I hope you feel better soon!
Kim Baccellia said…

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