Friday Five

1. So it's official!  I'll be a Cybil's judge this year for the YA Speculative Fiction category.  You all know how much I LOVE this genre!  I'm also so excited to be working again with the fab Sheila Ruth, who is filled with awesomeness!  Plus, there's some amazing YA fantasies this past year!

Can't wait!

From last year's Kidlitcon.  Sheila is on the left side of me!

2. Actually watched the GOP debate.  Husband was surprised.  I'm not a Republican but I feel you need to keep on top of things and not just read Twitter for your information.

The day before I saw this on Access Hollywood and couldn't resist taking a photo.  Talk about Freudian slip:

I try not to get all political, considering all the trolls and hate that's out there right now but I vowed I wouldn't be silent whenever I hear racism.  Trump's hate comments against undocumented individuals really frightens me.  Not so much him, but those who are his supporters.  It has been bringing out the ugliness of our nation.

And why should Bush apologize for speaking Spanish?  This is another thing that really infuriates me.

Just ugh on it all.

3. A good book that shows the plight of undocumented families is this one:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Bittersweet glimpse into the lives of a couple from two different worlds and how love might be able to crack through the hatred thrown their way. An important read right now especially in light of recent political rhetoric that targets undocumented immigrants.

4. Just finished reading FACELESS:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Riveting portrayal of an accident victim who struggles to come to grips with not only a new face but the person she becomes.

5.  Halfway through this spooky tale:

Really enjoying this story of a teen who finds out the truth about his dead Ghost Adventures type dad, who leaves him more than he thought.  Let's just say he finds out he's now the boss over some dead spirits.  Some aren't too happy about this!

**Guilty pleasure:

Loved the books and of course I totally love Dylan O'Brien.  Can't wait to see!


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