Friday Five

1. Week two of homeschooling ninth grade has been filled with confusion on the whole on-line thing.  During our yearly family meeting, went over goals and incentives to motivate son to do well so he can transition over to public high school next year.

High school so far has had it's challenges.

So can see son telling me this:

Since I write YA, I always kind of related with my protagonists and not the parents.  Now that I'm a mother of a teen?  Omg, am I one of those 'parents'?

I can get through this.  There's always cute animal gifs to look out, right?

2. OCCRWA's Birthday bash's theme this year is ONCE UPON A TIME. I'm suppose to dress like one of my favorite characters.  I'm thinking of either doing the whole America thing from THE ELITE series:

Or evil Levana from Marissa Meyer's LUNAR series.  I love tormented antagonists.

3. I'm a guest blogger over on my publisher's blog.  TOP 5 HAUNTED SITES IN SACRAMENTO includes some background on why I set my YA novel CROSSED OUT over there.  There's a lot more than the Gold Rush to the city of my birth.

Here's Great-grandfather Baccelli's salon that was located in Old Towne, Sacramento.

My guest blog post:

4. Right now reading the creepy, spooky YA ebook galley SHALLOW GRAVES:

I have a hard time reading ebook galleys so you know the book must be a winner if I'm totally engaged!

5.  Finally picked up this book after a number of people recommended it, including the fab librarian Karen Jensen, @TLT on Tweeter.  Karen never has steered me wrong with her YA suggestions:

**Guilty pleasure:

Pedi time!  I'm thinking of going more dark navy this time. It's been a month and I so need a little pampering right now!


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