Friday Five

1. Nothing like having the director of a math lab ask to speak to you alone.  Yup, some girl's mother called to complain that my son made an insensitive comment to her the day before at another school location and she didn't want to come to the math lab.

This brought up memories of a similar incident that happened way back in the third grade.


We spoke with son and hopefully he'll realize he can't talk smack to some who are very sensitive.  I also emailed the other school's teachers, who said they'd never heard son doing anything out of the ordinary.

So the whole middle school drama has begun.  Ugh.

2. I admit I've been in a funk these past few weeks.  Hate when depression starts to rise it's ugly head.  Love reading YA author Heather Brewer's posts as she also deals with depression.  I personally feel the more we discuss this issue, the less stigma will be behind it.

This is how I feel whenever depression comes my way:

3. One thing that does help is reading.  Books are a healing balm for me.

This is a real fun story of a fifteen-year-old whose dad wants to go to Greece to interview civilians on their take of the Greece upheaval.  Voice is fun and light and I'd say almost more upper MG.

4. Okay, I admit it.  I'm a huge fan of horror novels.  And I couldn't wait to download the galley to THE SUFFERING:

I'm at 60% done.  Lots of creep factor set in a 'lost' Japanese village with a deadly secret.

Yes, Japanese dolls are involved.  Plus, human cocoons.

5. Stuck with my revisions.  Don't you just hate when you know something is missing and it's just within reach?


**Guilty pleasure:

I'm going to try to go to a mediation session.  This has been helping my anxiety/depression.

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