Friday Five

1. Son is slowly getting better.  Doctor still has him on a strict schedule but 'bumped' his academic time to one hour segments and no more than 4 hours a day.  This isn't as hard to do as last week's thirty minutes per class time and only 2-3 hrs for the day.


His teachers and doctors are trying to stress the importance of wearing a helmet.  But you know teens.  They think they're okay and the exception.

I can't stress the importance of wearing a helmet.  One of his teachers showed him his FB with a friend who cracked his skull while skateboarding.  Love when others try to help me out with this as everyone knows, no one listens to Moms.

Love this site:

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2. Ugh, with more family drama.  Need to stay out of it even if I know this one person's choices right now will carry serious consequences.  Sigh.

3. Now with something I LOVE to do besides writing--read books!

Just downloaded the ebook galley of the sequel to THE GIRL IN THE WELL:

If you loved the Ring as much as I did?  You'll love this creepy, spooky series.  Let's just say you'll never look at a doll the same way again!


This one is about an Argentinean teen who happens to be an undocumented citizen.  It's her senior year in high school and while her friends are discussing college choices, she fears the MIGA-border patrol, which can deport not only her but her family.  She doesn't look like the stereotypical Latina as she's fair skinned with blond hair.  So far loving!


This one is about the end of Earth and a rebel teen who is 'forgotten' while a limited few are able to flee the upcoming disaster to a new planet.  She's able to get on 'The Ark', one of the space ships but stumbles on a terrible secret and a possible love interest who might destroy everything she's hoped for.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Went to an author signing and picked up THE FRENCH GIRL'S WAR by Herb Williams-Dalgart.  I really loved the submissions he shared when I was in his critique group a few years back and had to pick up the book!

Book blurb:

The year is 1939; Germany has invaded Poland and France has now entered the war.

Sophie Claveaux, an eighteen-year-old Jewish farm girl, carries a curse. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father has long suffered the loss. Blaming herself, she decides to change her fate and study art in Paris. But before she can enact her plan, her father joins the war, renewing her fear that her curse will always prevail.

Forced to abandon her dreams of Paris, Sophie is sent to live in safety with her grandmother—only to learn there are no safe places in a time of war.

Now, Sophie must fight to protect her grandmother, her new home, and the curious blind artist who could change everything.

A compelling coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of World War II, The French Girl’s War is a story of unexpected courage and surprising hope.

Plus, it's always nice to socialize with other writers!


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