Friday Five

1. This week I've been SICK.  Ugh.  I swear our house sounds like a pack of seals with all the barking coughs.

Not fun at all.  Apparently there is some viral thing going around.  Not sure where I got this but came down with it on Monday and then, of course husband said he wasn't feeling well.  Then yet more family drama in which didn't exactly help.


2. Almost done with the revision of CROSSED FIRE

At one of my favorite Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs and my drink yesterday was their hot NSA mocha latte with almond milk.

I feel so author-like, with my drink and writing at a coffee house!

***True fact: After I finish this revision?  That will make not one but two novels I've finished at this coffee shop.  Uh, yeah, it's getting a nod in my acknowledges this time around!

3.  Just found out that YA Books Central is giving away 10 copies of READ BETWEEN THE LINES.  Loved this book!

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: I loved the story behind the inspiration for this novel. Who hasn't been flipped off? Knowles takes one crude gesture and spins her magic to create a novel that is sure to resonate and stay with you.

A must read for Knowles fans and those who love engaging, heart-felt stories with realistic characters that give us a glimpse not only into their worlds but our own.

4. Picked up the latest Julie Kagawa's novel: TALON

As a Cybils panelist I was introduced to Kagawa with her BLOOD IN EDEN series.  I thought I was over vamps/dystopias but her writing showed me that it doesn't matter if a story line is over done if the author breathes her/his own magic into that novel.

TALON is about dragons that live among us and the organization that is determined to slaughter all of them.



Started watching this and it's hilarious.  Chinese family moves to Florida told through the eyes of their eleven year old 'black sheep' son. 

I know some are up in arms over the stereotypes but like YA author Malinda Lo said on Twitter, when I mentioned I worried about the stereotypes: 

" What stereotypes? I didn't see any Asian stereotypes.  I saw skewering of white folks' perceptions of Asians."

Twitter Feb. 11th.

Malinda is right.  

She also said on watching the show:

"Everyone should watch Fresh off the Boat at least so we'll get another show about Asians sooner than later."
Twitter Feb. 11th.

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to see THE DUFF tomorrow.


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Sending you healthy thoughts!
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