Friday Five

1. First off, check out fellow YA Books Central editor/YA author's post:

2. Been running around town trying to get things for son's overnight hike/camp trip today. He has to carry his own dinner/breakfast in his backpack along with a tent and sleeping bag. He's almost 13 years old. I'm kind of worried but on the other hand his scout leader is filled with awesomeness. I personally HATE camping. I only went to girl's camp when I was 12 years old. I ended up peeing my pants and was totally horrified. I was called, Kim Peed Out. So embarrassing. I never went back. Son though has been having a blast.

3. Now time for books!


I'm a huge fan of ghost tales! This one takes place in a sinister elite boarding school with a deadly secret.

4. Got approved to read the ebook galley of this:

My reaction when I got the email from Edelweiss:

Yes, I'm totally a fan of this paranormal tale!!!!!

5. Got this from the fab Mandy at YA Books Central:

**Guilty pleasure:

I'm going to the salon and getting a deep condition hair treatment and have my hair curled. Love this! I'm going to an OCCRWA writing conference tomorrow. I always like to treat self before an event.

Here's a little about the conference!


Orange County RWA
Embassy Suites
Brea, CA
March 29 & 30, 2014


During this special, all-day seminar, Hollywood script and story consultant Michael Hauge, best-selling author of Writing Screenplays That Sell and Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds: The Guaranteed Way to Get Your Screenplay or Novel Read, will give you his unique approach to creating compelling screenplays and novels, and to eliciting emotion in your readers through story concept, plot structure, character development and theme. Michael will then reveal his proven method for getting the people in power to read your screenplay or manuscript.

Topics covered will include:

The primary goal of all story
The power of desire, need, longing and destiny
The essential conflict all characters must face
Turning plot structure from a complicated concept into a simple, powerful tool you can easily apply to every story
The single key to creating character arc and theme
Creating unique, believable and fulfilling love stories
Adapting a novel into film
The single biggest mistake writers make in pitching their work
The eight steps to a powerful pitch
If you want to elevate your writing to the highest possible level, this event is a must.

Can't wait!


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