Friday Five

These past two weeks have been filled with sickness at our house. Son's bad cold and sore throat turned out to be strep throat. Ugh. When I did take him to the doctor's office, the first thing the doctor said, "Have you been kissing anyone?" Twelve-year-old son was horrified. He told us, "I swear I haven't French kissed anyone!" Doctor told me it looked like mono which you can find through a simple blood test. Son didn't want that so doctor told him if his strep culture came out negative, he'd have to do the test. Well, it came out positive so now he's on meds. Then this week husband's been coughing up a storm. I'm just hoping I don't get it. EmergC and lots of hand washing.

Now to other books and shows!

1. Right now reading NEARLY GONE

Totally engrossing YA mystery/thriller with a math twist.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

2. I've been wanting to finish reading this Sci-Fi series by the fab YA author Mary Pearson and hope to pick up book #2 in this series:

3. Got this latest non-fiction book from one of my favorite publishers: Zest Books

Son 'tried' to sneak it away from me. He told me he wants to read! It has some phobias and tons of fascinating info. Like did you know that actor Orlando Bloom has a phobia of...pigs?

***Also found out this book is coming out in September!

4. It's official: my favorite CW show has to be StarCrossed!


5. Also I was a Veronica Mars backer and can't wait to see the movie!!!! I'm bummed though that it won't be showing at my local Regal theater but rather the AMC one. The closest one is 16 miles away. I really want to see but got an email that they will be selling the digital movie today! Might just do that!


**Also if you're doing the March Madness challenge(I am!) make sure to check in at: Tonette de la Luna at

Plus, you still have a chance to win a t-shirt from Janet Gurtler. Just comment:

**Guilty pleasure:

I'm not drinking diet Cokes this week to help prepare for my ultrasound next Monday. Tech told me that it probably doesn't make a difference but I know one tech told me it does with mammograms. Anyway, it's good to get my body a break. So my guilty pleasure will be a Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino or just an iced one.


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