Poetry Friday: Tortillitas-Traditional + The Mortimer Minute

Last week I was tagged by Little Willow for the Mortimer Minute. This means I get to share a poem today. When I was a bilingual teacher I used TONS of poetry with my students. Some fun ones I used were from the anthology: DIAS Y DIAS DE POESIA edited by Alma Flor Ada. **Loved this author and used tons of her bilingual twists on fairy tales with my students.

So today our poem is:


Tortillitas, tortillitas,
tortillitas para papa
tortillitas para mama
tortillitas de salvado
para papa cuando esta enjado;
tortillitas de manteca
para mama que esta contenta.

In English:

Tiny Tortillas

Tiny tortillas, tiny tortillas
Tiny tortillas for daddy;
Tiny tortillas for mommy.
Bran tortillas
For daddy when he is mad;
Butter tortillas
For mommy when she is glad

In the Latino-American communities, this is a traditional poem. I loved using it with my first graders as they picked up on the rhyming patterns which helped with learning to read in their native language which was Spanish.

**Students would clap which saying this poem, first one hand on top and then the other as if they were patting tortillas into the shape. I would also divide it up and try choral reading with my students which was always fun!

Another great book for more traditional poems from Latin America:

Loved this book! Used so much that it ended up becoming dog eared!

In addition to today's poem and today's toad, we've also got a blog tour and a cute bunny:

Last week, Allie at http://slayground.livejournal.com/763366.html' tagged me. Thanks, Allie! Hope you're having a fantastic day!

Here’s how to hop, “Mortimer Minute” style! (Copying and pasting the directions from various previous stops.)

Answer 3 questions. Pick one question from the previous Hopper. Add two of your own. Keep it short, please! This is a Blog Hop, not a Blog Long Jump. This is The Mortimer Minute—not The Mortimer Millennium!

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Ready? Here we go!

The question I chose to answer from Allies's Hop is:

1. Have you read any amazing books recently?

Yes! Just finished the amazing YA book A WOUNDED NAME by Dot Hutchison

My YA Books Central review:http://www.yabookscentral.com/yafiction/15583-a-wounded-name

Teaser: LOVED this novel. Seductive and equally haunting, reader is pulled into the madness. You want to savor each word, nuance of this story. Beautifully written, this novel is filled with awesomeness.

2. Who is one of your favorite bilingual authors?

Wow, that's a hard one! Love Gary Soto, Sandra Cisnernos, Isabel Allende, and Alma For Ada! Also some more recent authors include Guadalupe Garcia McCall with her amazing stories SUMMER OF THE MARIPOSAS and my favorite: UNDER THE MESQUITE.

3. What are you working on now?

I'm currently totally immersing self in anything Parisian for my second book in the Goddesses series. This time Jordan goes to Paris, France and meets a hawt guy with a mysterious secret.

I'm also still working on polishing up a more edgier YA with a Latina protagonist who after she's banished from her cult-like community has to find her rebel sister but along the way finds a horrifying secret that has her questioning everything she's ever known. Plus, she ends up battling a growing attraction to one of the dreaded 'Others'.

Anyone like to continue the hop? I need someone for next Friday's stop! Thanks!


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