Friday Five

1. Around 2ish last Friday, husband said he got a strange ringing in his right ear and couldn't hear anything out of it. He said he'd had similar things happen and it 'cleared' up within a few hours. Well, it didn't so we had to go to urgent care. They didn't do much so we had to wait until Monday to see regular doctor. Long story short, that doctor told us he should have been placed on steroids ASAP. Two days later he went to a specialist who said that there is a 72 hr window of time with issues like this and we just made it. Needless to say I called insurance company and filed a complaint against the urgent care. So scary. Now he needs to have a MRI and see another specialist to check to see if he has any hearing loss. Just shows how everything can change in a blink of an eye.

2. I'm doing Nanowrimo this year! I'm @ixtumea over there if you want to friend me! The project I'm working on is the second book in the contracted Goddesses series.

My motivation

My image of Andre-the guy Jordan stumbles into while in Paris.

3. Finished reading this amazing anthology from Carolrhoda:

My YA Books Central review:


LOSING IT is about teens losing their virginity. What I love about this anthology is each author's take on this sensitive subject.

Here's some of my favorites:

A.S. King's STICKY FINGERS is about a teen who realizes too late what a cheap ring from a guy she thought she liked really means. **A.S. King is one of my favorite YA authors and this short tale is nothing short of amazing on how she shows us the protagonist's raw emotional feelings that ring so true.

4. Reading upcoming ASK ME by Kimberly Pauley:

Really loving the voice of Aira, who can't help but tell the truth. Add a murder mystery and you have a real winner!

5. Waiting for this:

This is another collection of short stories from YA authors. This time it's dystopian stories. I'm a huge fan of anthologies.

Also finally got my Veronica Mars t-shirt and stickers!

Check out the back!

**Guilty pleasure:

Well, we weren't able to go out for kaboobs last Friday as we had a water pipe leak and had to wait for a plumber. At least it wasn't that $$$.

Maybe today we'll finally go though it's really up to husband as he still has the ear issue.

If anything? I'll grab a yummy Christmas frap at Starbucks.


Little Willow said…
Sending your family another round of healthy vibes!

Here's my blog post for today - Your turn next week! :)
Lynn Lovegreen said…
Love the Veronica Mars shirt!

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