Friday Five-Dia de los Muertos version

1. Today is Dia de los Muertos-Day of the Dead!

Today is when some celebrate/honor their loved ones that have passed. Some have altars that they'll place something that the loved one loved such as chocolate, a glass of wine, fried chicken, or some tamales. There will be a photo of the loved one too. I have a scene in my book EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA where Lupe finds one of these altars of her mother.

**One thing Dia de Los Muertos isn't is an extension of Halloween. Rather it's a day to celebrate and reflect on loved ones who have died.

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican/Latin celebration though my husband said there are similar celebrations in Korea and other Asia countries.

Here's a fun link with some children's books that celebrate Dia de Los Muertos:

2. Here's my son bedazzling during last night's Halloween celebrations:

3. Also my YA paranormal CROSSED OUT is perfect for this time of year!

Stephanie has a little extra curricular ability that she is hesitant to share with her friends: she's a Rescuer, someone who makes talismans of murdered girls to help them to the Otherside.

4. Right now finishing up:

Think Lord of the Flies meets Across the Universe. Really enjoying this Sci-fi story by Alloy Productions. It's set to be a CW 2014 series too!

5. Really enjoying this Penguin ebook serial:
Teaser: hat I loved had to be the emotional build up of Sarah when she first encounters Will. Both of them have significant others but that doesn't stop the sparks from flying. Will has a reputation of being a player and Sarah refuses to fall under his spell but all common sense goes out the door with a single touch. The emotions and struggles Sarah goes through felt very real. It would have been so easy to have Sarah come across as a cheating girl but instead we see someone with very realistic conflicts. Her boyfriend Dave seems to be the 'safe' bet but his wandering eye doesn't make him so blameless either. I couldn't help but think why wouldn't Sarah be attracted to Will? Now we just have to see what she does decide to do and what will happen. I can't help but think there's other secrets going on too. Installment 2:
Teaser: Ooh, loved the emotion and chemistry between Sarah and Will. The relationship is hot and very sizzling. I love how the author describes the sparks that fly whenever these two are together. But also the internal struggle Sarah feels between her feelings between Dave and Will... ...When Will touched me, I wanted more. When Dave and I made out, I felt happy, but I only wanted exactly as much as I had. It was delicious, but ephemeral. Like cotton candy that immediately melted on my tongue... **Guilty Pleasure:

Husband is taking me out on a lunch date to a kabobs place.

Also getting my monthly pedi. What color should I get? I'm thinking orangish/brown for November.


I love seeing pictures from Dia de los Muertos. The cemeteries are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy your kabobs. :)

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