Friday Five and more!

1. Halloween is almost here. Last night son went to his 'first' dance at our church. He wanted to be a vampire. **Can you guess what TV show is my favorite?

He said he loved going as he got to hug TONS of girls. Son, "Mommy, there's like double the girls there as the boys. It's like 2 girls to one of us!"

OMG, he's 12 years old and talking about girls already!

2. I'm trying to flesh out a short story for a YARWA class I'm taking. I decided to see the world through Phoenix's eyes. He's one of the dreaded 'Others' that Espie's been warned about since childhood.

I woke up the other night and heard a song on Leno that felt so much like Phoenix! Thomas Rhett, "It Goes Like This". What's funny about this is I HATE Country music but my character likes it. If anything, most of the music I hear when I write his scenes have music similar to the above. Who says characters don't speak to you?

3. Books:

Finished reading this fun collection of historical figures that Zest books put together:

Here's my YA Books Central link:


This is a fun collection of historical public figures that asks the question--Would you date them? There's some really fun trivia on each of these 50 individuals including a 'heat factor' that ranks their worthiness to be a crush.

4. This next book is beyond amazing! If you love Stephan King? You'll love this one:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Well-written passages that show readers the horror of what comes over the residents of the small Kansas town when they follow their darkest, ugliest impulses. Warning: Don't read this alone in the dark! The images are guaranteed to stay with you long after you close the book. Just like a Stephen King novel.

There's some very edgy, and yes, graphic scenes when the murders start accelerating in town. These scenes reminded me of King's The Dome, where a similar situation happens with the residents of a small town trapped inside and the madness that is unleashed.

5. The next one was good but I felt not as great as the first book in the series. But remember that's just my opinion. There's still a lot going for this series.

Teaser: What I liked: I really loved how the author is able to weave in intense emotions between her characters. In ONCE WE WERE readers see the conflict that arises between two souls trapped in one body. Think THE HOST meets GOLDEN COMPASS. Eva is the recessive soul that should had faded long ago. Now though she's able to come out more and realizes that she has her own wants/desires that are different than Addie. The author does a great job showing readers this with beautifully written passages that dig deep within both of the souls. You can't help but feel the pain, frustration, and even freedom each soul feels once they realize that they can be separate.

**Also going to start reading this fun new ebook serial from Penguin books:

**Fun fact: My first book EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA was sold as an ebook serial to Virtual Tales back in 2006. I was ahead of my time...once again. It didn't do as well because ebooks were just coming out. It did well in print though. Glad others are trying e-serials again.

Friday Five: New TV series!

And on the TV new series front: The last few BLACKLIST episodes were beyond disturbing and borderline gross. Not sure if I'll still watch. New ones I'm liking so far include:


I'm a huge fan of King Henry VIII type of books/movies. So far this one has promise!

2. Been bored to tears with this season's The Vampire Diaries. Same old same old and frankly why would Elena want to leave Damon? I don't get.

Instead I'm really enjoying the spin-off so much more.

3. Also want to check out DRACULA.

4. Not sure yet on RAVENWOOD yet. If it goes in the direction I think? I might continue watching:

5. And this one looks intriguing:

***Guilty Pleasure:

After son gets his blood drawn and we go to breakfast, plan to go to the mall and get a Starbuck holiday drink (tried the Chocolate Chai which was only okay. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's is much, much better!)

And picking up the last book in the Beautiful Creature's series. I waited till it came out in paperback. I have to know how this series ends!


Lexa Cain said…
Thanks for all the book reviews. It's nice to know what's out there. I adored Vamp Diaries at the beginning because of the twists and fast-moving plot, but I got really bored with the love triangle--Elana isn't worthy of all that. None of the new series are available to me yet, but I hope you enjoy them! :-)
Kim Baccellia said…
Yes, I agree about Elena. This season she's coming across as a skank and seriously why would she want to be the roomie of Caroline when she could be with Damon?

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