Friday Five

**Totally forgot to put this together yesterday!

1. Costco. Yep. Costco. Had to make a Costco run early this morning. I found it's better to get there around 10ish before everyone else shows up. Why? Less crowds which means no panic attacks and also I don't feel so rushed to get in and out. Another plus today had to be the MG dummy stand filled with some award winning books. Kudos Costco. Now you only need to do that with YA. **Hate to say this but not all YA is Twilight and/or Hunger Games.

2.Yoga mediation.

I've been trying to go to Savita's mediation class at least once a week. It's tougher than I thought! But trying to calm self down and think positive thoughts.

3. On FB there's been a post about whether or not some with ADHD kiddos give them meds or not. After son came back from his week long scout camp, he was proud to announce he didn't take his. Now he told me he can go all summer without them. So far so good. This is such a hard thing. Just the other week another man during Sunday School class went on about how too many Young Men are addicted to Adderall and none of them should be on it. I told him my son is on meds and that it does help him focus in school. He looked at me and said, "He shouldn't be on them. It's more of a parenting style." Uh, hello? Are you saying I'm a terrible parent because I let my son take meds? Yeah, I told him that and also said not to be quick to judge unless he's in a similar situation. I hate that this has a stigma. One reason why we took son at of last public school. I can't help but think that these same people wouldn't say that to a diabetic on his/her meds.

4. Ooh, UPS dude just rang my doorbell and had some Penguin teen galleys for me!

Very excited to get this one! Loved book one: IMPOSSIBLE which is based on the song Scarborough Tale. Amazing writing!

5. Reading:

This is the second book in the CLOSE TO YOU series. Think Roswell meets XFiles. Plus time traveling! This one has consequences to messing with time. Really enjoying it!

**Guilty pleasure:

Time for another pedi! I've been seeing some really pretty pastel colors this summer. Not sure which one I'll do!

Plus need to find some cool Egyptian tats to put in my swag bag that I'll be offering during my August book tour. Any suggestions?


Meditation. Nice.

The ADHD thing is a tricky subject, but regardless, that guy was rude. I admit that sometimes I wonder if it's over-diagnosed... I probably would have had it if I went to a doctor as a kid, you know? But my husband has ADD, and while he went unmedicated for several years, he has pills he takes on days he needs to focus/study, now.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the books :)
Kim Baccellia said…
Thank you. Yes, it's hard. I remember as a teacher, before I had kids, that I was kind of that him. I thought that kids were over medicated. Then I had my kiddo. Things are so different when it's your own.

Yes, the books rock!

Thanks for your comment!
Anonymous said…
"Hate to say this but not all YA is Twilight and/or Hunger Games."

Amen to that! I'd include Divergent in that (though I'm a fan of both that and HG) It's always nice to see some good selection at a big retail chain, Target has about a dozen YA titles and I know the Costco by me keeps at least two John Green books in stock.

As for "parenting style" how's this for a parenting style: mind your own business! I can't believe the nerve of some people (either in person or online) that think their way is the only way that will work and every other parent is negligent or destructive. Your son's experience with meds may differ from another kid's. Everyone is different, and some of us are smart enough not to force our experiences on others. Ugh. No wonder you need to mediate! :-)

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