The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Cordova

Unique Twist on Mermaid Tale

After Tristan is almost killed during a  freak riptide he finds out he's not like other teens. What happens next takes him on an adventure not for the faint of heart.

I have to admit this story kind of took me off guard. For one it's different than the usual mermaid YA stories out there right now. It's told through the POV of a guy, which gives this story an unique twist. The author nails the voice so it's believable and not forced.

I liked Tristan. His humor was refreshing. I did buy the whole clueless thing when he was around girls. Tristan kind of reminded me of that guy in high school I knew that hid his insecurities behind humor and off the wall comments. It was fun to see what really goes on behind that kind of behavior.

The dialogue is snappy and fast-paced. Another plus to this story has to be the world Zoraida Cordova created. It's very vivid with details of the mermaid's world to how they can shape shift around humans. Also we learn more about merman which hasn't really been addressed in recent mermaid stories.

Layla, Tristan's friend, at times is over the top strong willed but I think she does that to hide how she really feels around Tristan.

I did feel some of the plotting was a tad bit slow especially right after he finds himself in the hospital after his near death experience in the riptide. Also the story at times feel a little disjointed at times. Later, though the author weaves in more action that helps even that out.

Engaging, vivid tale that shows the mermaid world in a whole different light told through the eyes of a guy.
Good Points
1. Unique twist with a boy's POV
2. Good worldbuilding
3. Snappy dialogue

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Kelly Hashway said…
I've been hearing good things about this one.

Welcome to Blogger. I'm following.
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks Kelly!

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