Summer Teen Reading Party Guest: Jan Fischer Wade

Thanks for hosting me today Kim! I am having a blast with the Summer Teen Reading Party and I am so excited about this month long event! We’ve got lots of great books and authors there – many for $1.99 or less. I hope everyone visits! Make sure to read the rest of this post to find out how you can enter to win a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card!
Here is a bit about my novel, Veiled Virtues:
When Paige Stewart left America to house-sit in England, her only thoughts were to get away from her controlling mother and to have fun. Little did she know that her working holiday would find her hearing eerie voices, experiencing alarming dreams and bleeding from old scars. Although Paige's differences confuse and disgust her, she opens up to the shopkeeper of a strange metaphysical store in town, where she finds much more than tarot cards and crystals. Soon, Paige is stalked like prized game. Relentlessly pursued, her holiday takes a turn for the eerie and dangerous. Her only saving grace may be a modern-day English knight who sweeps her off her feet and recognizes the true virtues the American teen unknowingly possesses.

Veiled Virtues is available at the following sites: Amazon Barnes & Noble OmniLit Smashwords MuseItUp Publishing Diesel Kobo BookStrand AmazonUK iTunes
I usually love reading in the summer, but this year, I will be working on the finishing touches to the sequel to Veiled Virtues so I won’t have time to read much else! The sequel is entitled Latent Legacy and you can read more about it on my website listed below!
Excerpt from Veiled Virtues: (from Nathaniel’s point of view – the first time he sees Paige)
I don’t recall ever being stunned speechless, that is, until an unfamiliar American girl with shimmering auburn hair walked through the doors of the shop one day.
I first noticed her looking into the shop with a curious eye. She tipped her head in deliberation, and with a determined nod, she pulled the door open and stepped into my life. She was stunning — tall and slender with curves where it counted. The sunlight streaming in through the window lit up golden-copper strands of her auburn hair. Intelligent green eyes glanced around, taking in the variety of merchandise in our shop.
I stepped out of the shadows, about to ask if she needed help. But when she turned my way, our gazes locked. All of my senses awakened, yet time stood still. With each beat of my heart, lively, serene, courageous, and even silly images of this woman flashed in my mind’s eye. Then my vision darkened. This beauty was terrified, entwined with a maniacal entity. My muscles tensed, and my protective instinct intensified. I would not fail her.
When she left the shop after our first encounter, I discussed my immediate impressions of Paige with Avery.
“We looked at each other, for a mere second, and I sensed a hundred wonderful things about her. But, then a totally different scene inserted itself into my head — she was fighting off some evil, forceful power. What do you make of it?”
“Well, you’ve never possessed a third eye, but maybe there’s a connection with her that runs on a higher plane.”
“But why? And why do I feel like I have to protect her?”
“I have a feeling we’ll learn more; because when I came in and saw Paige, an intriguing aura surrounded her. It was the color of a sunrise, something very special. She seeks a fresh horizon, but something in her past affects her future greatly, and I think you or me, or both of us, may be a part of it. I can tell.”
When Avery was really sure of something she ‘felt,’ she always said it with a particular squint to her eyes. It was there just then.
Avery’s deep inner perception of others was an uncanny ability she always had. She could also somehow see a person’s aura—a kind of glowing light which radiates their soul outward, as Avery put it. She described Paige’s as ‘an aura of a sunrise.’ Avery told me on many occasions my aura reminded her of a sunset, one with calming, peaceful, and dependable characteristics. Maybe Paige and I would complement each other more than I hoped.
“But Avery, what of the dark scene I saw?” I had asked her. “It automatically appeared in my head, like something intruded into my thoughts.”
“I don’t know,” she said. “If you didn’t see the future, then it could be some unknown, outside presence.” That did not comfort me in the least.
“I find her absolutely stunning,” I admitted.
“Maybe we should leave well enough alone,” she warned.
“But I can’t stop thinking about her.” It was crude enough that I couldn’t quit looking at Paige’s outward beauty, but even worse, a feeling washed over me that her heart was mine to seek and protect. I wanted her.
About Jan’s giveaway:
Enter to win a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card!!! One lucky winner will be chosen from the commenters on her blog (including emails to her from non-Book Blogs members), "Likes" and "Shares" on Facebook and Tweets about her book, Veiled Virtues, or the Summer Reading Party site (include @veiledvirtues in your tweets!). It's that easy!!! She will be having other giveaways during the month on her blog as well, so make sure to visit it!
Jan can be found online at:
Twitter @veiledvirtues


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