Mistletoe & Magic

I'm excited to announce that my short story, A SHOT OF CHRISTMAS MAGIC, is included in the anthology MISTLETOE & MAGIC!

Some fun short stories include one by YA author Michelle MacQueen: THE K WORD: CAMERON

Cameron Tucker really likes his friend Peyton. All he can do is think about her. Then a cruel comment ruins everything. Can he still let Peyton know how he really feels?

I love how MacQueen is able to get inside the mind of Cameron and let readers see how he struggles to let Peyton know his true feelings while still having a hard time with his peers perceptions. Peyton isn't the 'perfect' girl that is shown on social media. But who really is? Cameron's feelings are shown in a realistic way and how he needs to step up to the plate if he wants to keep Peyton as not only maybe a future love interest, but as a friend.

Michelle MacQueen is @michellelynn_author over on Instagram
@authormichellel over on Twitter

YA author Amalie Jahn's story AFTER CHECKMATE is about best friends Tess and Zander and how Tess realizes that her feelings for him might not be as platonic as they used to be.

I really love this short story that is a prequel to THE FIRST TO LAST MISTAKE. Tess and Zander have a weekly chess match that has gone on for long time. Zander wants her to go to the Winter formal, but as a friend. He's taking his girlfriend. Readers see how Tess 'tries' to get out of going to the mall to help Zander pick out a silver tie for the dance.  The awkwardness of not saying how you really feel about someone you care about in fears of losing a long time friendship to struggling with your true feelings is totally something readers can relate to. I loved the dialogue and this couple! Makes me want to read the upcoming book!

Amalie Jahn is amalie.jahn.official over on Instagram
@amaliejahn over on Twitter

I'm also featured over on YABC!


Check back tomorrow for a glimpse into two other short stories in this amazing holiday anthology!

Plus, there is a giveaway!!!!!



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