One year ago today

A year ago today my mother died. I remember her telling me she was so afraid she would die around her 79th birthday. I brushed her fears off, thinking it was nothing.  Mom was happy with Elwood, my stepdad. Her life had improved so much in the eleven years they'd been together. Yes, she had really bad complications from her stage 2 Diabetics, but like a child, I thought she'd live forever.

It's been really hard this week. I miss her smile. Her optimism, Her voice. We used to talk to each other at least 2 times a week.

Mom wouldn't want me to be down. If anything she said we need to remember those we loved and celebrate their lives. Think of the joy and happiness. Not the pain.

So today I will celebrate the life of Carolyn Jean Console Baccellia Greer.

Mom was born in 1938 and her fondest memories included growing up in Reche Canyon, Ca and being around her cousins. She also loved the time she lived in Ashland, Oregon with her sisters and her aunt Kaye's family.

Here she is as a teen with her sister Gloria:

 Here she is with me as a toddler:

When I was a teen/YA Mom and I would go out every Saturday to Downtown Sacramento. We also went to the Jazz Festival which was held every year there:

Mom LOVED Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. 

She loved her Pepsi, chocolate(See's milk chocolate),pioneer stories-especially ones in Utah, her Mormon faith(she was very devote even when times were very difficult), her collection of dolls that filled over 4 rooms!, and her family.

Mom, we will miss you.


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