Friday Five

1. So far this summer has involved driving teen to summer school class. He had to retake algebra 2 at another school in the district. In this class he's mostly on the computer. Let's just say I'll be happy when this is over. It's involved six weeks of M-Thursday 8am classes.

Yeah, it's been a stressful summer:

Mediation has been helping. So has reading. And large iced tea lattes from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

2. Been on a little hiatus from writing. Instead I've been reading more.

Here's some teasers from some of the books I've read:


Link to YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Fast-paced romp with the infamous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde that shows Bonnie Parker's human side while she rides with Clyde towards a tragic end. Well researched, this is a must read for those who love historical novels from this time period.


THE RED RIBBON by Lucy Adlington

Link to YA Books Central review:

Teaser:  A big theme of this book has to be not only hope, but the power and strength of friendship. Ella and Rose's friendship helps them through trying and difficult times. Each support the other. 

A must read book for those reading up on the Holocaust. Poignant with hope symbolized in the forbidden red ribbon that Rose gives to Ella. This hope carries both of them through a horrific time in our history.

4.  STRANGE NEW WORLD by Rachel Vincent

Link to YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Waverly at first comes across as a privileged brat, but once she finds out the 'truth' behind her own existence, she suddenly sees the injustices of her life. She warms up to the clones around her to the point of doing her own experiment. Her story arcs when she comes to the conclusion she either must continue to be silent or speak out. Doing this has it's own consequences and might end her celebrity status.

Fast-paced suspenseful dystopian tale with an unique twist. The world of the haves and have nots are shown and challenged by those who were meant to be subservient. Double kuddos for the twist on this story too.

**Don't forget the first book in this series:


Link to my YA Books Central review:


Fast-paced suspenseful dystopian tale where a city hides a sinister motive and a heroine who will stop at nothing in order to find the truth.


Link to YA Books Central review:

Compelling profile of 35 ordinary people who stood up and let their voices be heard against injustices. This bio is very applicable now with current administration. Also hopefully it will get readers to research more on these activists lives. A must add to any school library.


**Guilty Pleasure:

I plan on seeing the second Mama Mia movie!


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