Friday Five

 Wow, I haven't blogged for a little over a month! Sorry about that!

Now that scoring is officially over, I'm back!!!

1. Even though I won't be at ALA 18 in New Orleans, my book GODDESSES CAN WAIT will be at the IBPA exhibit.  Wish I could be there, but have to stay here as teen needs to go to summer school.

 My book is listed on page 20 of the IBPA 2018 ALA catalog!

2. I've been working on my New Adult romance, trying to nail the voice so my protagonist Sammi doesn't sound like a teen.

3. Also been taking an Italian class at the local junior college. The language is very close to Spanish and I often get confused.

4. Books I've read so far this week:


The link to my YA Books central review:

Engaging Sci-fi thriller that is guaranteed to keep you reading until the end. Fans of Beth Revis are sure to love this book.

5.   WHERE THE SEA TAKES ME by Heidi Kling

The link to my YA Books Central review:

What worked: I loved the chemistry between Sienna and Deni and was so happy that Kling wrote another book on these two. This is a very satisfying conclusion to an amazing romance. Sparks literally jump off the page whenever these two are together. Sierra can’t deny the feeling she has whenever Deni is around. The two are like human magnets that can’t be separated. The intensity of their love continues to pull them to each other. The writing here isn’t over the top sappy, but rather intense and passionate. I love these two characters!

 **Guilty Pleasure:

We have to be more careful on what we eat after husband was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetics.  I hope to catch a yoga early morning class(since teen failed his algebra 2 class this last school year, he has to make up the hours which means my schedule is on hold for the next 5 weeks).

 I mean, seriously with all the negative stuff going on in our country, I think we all need a little yoga.


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