Friday Five

1. Oops, looks like I haven't posted for a couple weeks. Been busy here. I'm currently scoring standardized tests. This is a part-time seasonal gig that I've been doing since 2010.

2. Also I've been going back through a rough draft of a New Adult romance. Somehow I 'still' haven't nailed the voice of a 22-23 year old college graduate who loves British royalty(she'd totally be DVRing the wedding tomorrow! Or more like it she'd be up at 2am PST with some tea and watch it) and happens to still be living at home. Student loans, anyone?

A friend's college aged daughter suggested I watch The Hidden Diaries of Lizzie Bennett:

Lizzie's voice is PERFECT. She's 24( a year or so older than my protagonist), but close enough. Will be watching all of these to help get into my protagonist's head.

3. Finished reading SKY IN THE DEEP:

Thoughts? I really loved this Viking meets Wonder Woman saga of a teen warrior who finds out not only is her beloved brother alive, but living with a rival clan.

4. ROYALS by Rachel Hawkins

Really LOVED this fun story of a teen who goes to Scotland before her older sister's wedding to a Scottish prince. Voice is hilarious as are the antics of the Royal Wreckers. And then Rachel over on Twitter says she's working on a companion book! Sign me up!!!

And this book is just perfect for tomorrow's royal wedding:

5. Staying home after a laser procedure for my rosacea. I've been battling this condition since my 30s and when I found out my doctor could remove these ugly broken capillaries, I couldn't wait to have it done.

I didn't know that I'd end up with deep purple bruises all over my face. Ugh, kind of ironic, huh?

I went to Target to find some heavy duty cover cream and one of the clerks took a look at me and quickly walked in the opposite direction.

Hopefully, after my skin heals, it'll be worth it.

** Taking an Italian class at nearby community college. This is for research for my WIP and also for book 3 in the Mayhem & Magic series. Yes, book 3 will be in Rome.


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